Bear – Character (PBR)

Finally done with this guy. Learned a bunch in the process. This is my take on an awesome

Blog ⋅ June 7, 2016

Witch Doctor – Character (PBR)

I’m finally done with this character! :-)

Blog ⋅ August 15, 2015

Mass Effect – Character (PBR)

I’m finally done with my Mass Effect-project! I’ve learned sooo much from it! This image is done using

Blog ⋅ March 2, 2015

Boxer Bust – Timelaps

I took a quick break from my Mass Effect character to do some sculpting. I didn’t know what

Blog ⋅ December 18, 2014

Mass Effect – Character Concept Art

I think I’m done with designing the character and I made some color changes in the process. When

Blog ⋅ November 15, 2014

Finished Apprenticeship

After two and a half year I’ve finally finnished my apprenticeship. Hurray! Even though it was 2 months

Frontpage ⋅ March 1, 2014

Lineae – Part One

I finally finished my latest personal project. This is what came out of it before I ran out of motivation-juice.

Frontpage ⋅ February 26, 2014

The Blog

Be sure to regularly check out what’s going on on the blog. This is where I post what

Frontpage ⋅ February 13, 2014


Welcome to my brand new portfolio!

Frontpage ⋅ February 13, 2014