Lineae – Color Management Hassle WIP




Here is three new renders of the kitchen. I really feel like I’m making progress now. The motivation is pumping!

I ran into trouble with the latest renders. For some reason my colors became a very nasty looking yellowish green in dark area's. I have been trouvleshooting all weekend to figure out what it could be. The first thing i checked was the color mapping in vray and the "Dont affect colors" option.
These are the settings I use at work and at home (before I got my new Hexa-core system <3) and I knew that it couldn't possible be that, but in desperation I tried a few different options, with no luck. Then I fiddled around with Photoshops color settings, but no luck there either.
Finally I decided to wait until monday where I could check the settings I had on my workstation at work. Everything was the same EXCEPT the Windows color management! When I got home I switched the "System Standart" color management to sRGB as it was set to the custom color profile used for my two 22" Dell displays and VIOLA! The colors looked perfect in Photoshop.

Thought I would post this in case some had the same problem.


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