Mass Effect – Concept Bust

Lately I’ve been feeling an itch to do something related to the Mass Effect series. Something that would integrate into the universe but still be my own take on it. I think the itch rose from seeing the new cinematic trailers for the upcoming Master Chief Collection which made me think of the Playstation equivalent: Mass Effect. I’ve always been a huge fan of Mass Effect and Bioware, and with Mass Effect 4 in the making and possibly a remake of the first 3 titles, it just seemed like the right time to make something myself.

I’ve chosen to do a full character, mainly because I thought that would be the most rewarding and fun thing to do. First I decided to do some quick sketches, mainly to get the feeling of the Wacom back (it’s been a long time since I drew anything) but also to work out the proportions of the character. I havn’t gotten to the body yet, but one step at the time :-)


Then I began to flesh out the head in ZBrush to figure out the final forms. I used different elements from the previous drawings and combined them with ideas I got in the sculpting process. Never get your head locked on a single idea – it can be very destructive in the creative process.


This is where I am right now. I will continue updating the blog, as I’m making progress on the character. Cheers :-)

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